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The Power of Connections

ANZMEX Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Australia's preeminent meeting point for businesses and individuals working betwen Australia and Mexico.  The Chamber now hosts regular meetings in Melbourne and is expanding into other states. 


ANZMEX differs from many organisations of its ilk, taking an active role in influencing government, academic and business when it comes to Australia-Mexico relationship.  ANZMEX members can not only count on the Chamber to represent their interests, they are also encouraged to play an active role in assisting such efforts.




ANZMEX members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:


  • The ability to attend or sponsor events

  • Receive help to find business connections

  • Connect with other members

  • Promotion of their businesses through ANZMEX social media

  • Access to business intelligence information

  • Discounts

  • Support for relevant grants, applications and policies

  • Access to NAB's Business Villages and lecture halls

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