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President of ANZMEX is appointed Coordinator of the International Advisory Council to build the Firs

In November 2018, the Premier of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, approved a budget of $35 million Australian dollars to start working towards the construction of the first Synchrotron in Mexico as part of his strategy to have the production of knowledge as the main engine of the State's of Hidalgo economic growth. The Synchrotron will be the biggest science project in the history of Mexico. As part of his economic knowledge's strategy, the Premier appointed a six members International advisory strategy and scientific council. The President of ANZMEX, Dr. Victor Del Rio es Coordinator of this Council, whose members are world recognised distinguished strategists, scientists and academics:

  • President- Herman Winick, Emeritus Professor at Stanford University

  • Technical Secretary- Laman Carranza Secretary of the unit of Planning and Prospective

  • Scientific Member- Dr. Caterina Biscari, Director of the Alba Synchrotron Light Source in Spain

  • Scientific Member- Professor Andrew Peele, Director of the Australian Synchrotron Light Source

  • Coordinator- Dr. Victor Del Rio, International Consultant Major Science Projects in Hidalgo, Senior Research Fellow at the RMIT University in Australia

  • Deputy Coordinator- Professor Luis Flores, Department of Physics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Team Leader of the CUHK group at CERN.

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