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The Mexican Festival
February 2019

ANZMEX is the proud patron of the Mexfest Mexican Festival, which is held in Federation Square in Melbourne every September.   ANZMEX members are encouraged to contribute ideas to the event to promote their interests in Mexico in front of a large audience.


Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) is not Mexico’s Independence Day but rather the remembrance of a historic battle.  The Mexfest Mexican Festival celebrates the true independence day, El Grito de la Indepedencia (The Cry for Independence), which falls on September 16th each year.


Melbourne's top Mexican restaurants participate actively, serving a special menu of food dedicated from the 31 states of Mexico.  ANZMEX will also be there for those who want to learn about doing business in this rapidly growing market.


Over 50,000 people attended in 2015.  With the festival growing bigger each year, members and businesses with a Mexican agenda are invited to contact ANZMEX to participate.


Visit the Mexfest website on

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